Bold claims about time asymmetry

…given self-indication we should expect to be in a
finite-probability universe with nearly the max possible number of
observer-moment slots.  Such universes seem large enough to have at
least one inflation origin, which then implies at least one (and
perhaps infinitely many) large regions of time-asymmetry like what we
see around us.  And if, as it seems, most observer-moments in such universes are in
such regions, then we have explained why we see what we see.

That’s from Robin Hanson, one of the least evil people I have met.  I do not have the background to judge this claim but it makes sense to me.  The question is whether you are willing to bite the bullet when you realize the other implications of what Robin is postulating, namely that you start dealing with expected values of infinity, most of all in ethics

By the way, via Andrew Sullivan, here is new evidence for dark energy.


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