Ways that sheep can die

Getting stuck on their backs and dying of suffocation
Attacked by flies
Eaten by maggots
Being attacked by dogs or any other living creature
Being frightened into a heart attack by imagining the dog is going to attack, even though it is not
Drowning (Are we surprised sheep cannot swim?)
Suffocating in snow (surprisingly common)
Hoof infections that poison the blood
Almost exploding with grass because they have eaten too much and are unable to pass wind
If they get too hot
If they get too cold

That’s from Marti Leimbach and I wonder how many sheep die of old age.  With that, it is time to leave Santiago and return home.


"That's from Marti Leimbach ..."

To be fair, Marti Leimbach's comments actually had punctuation and formating.

nelsonal -- The point of referring to believers as sheep and to Jesus as the Good Shepherd is exactly that: The sheep are simple-minded and totally dependent on the Shepherd for everything. If that confuses you, or if you think it's funny, or that you're too smart to fall for it, consider this:

"At that time Jesus exclaimed:
'I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to the childlike.'"

~~~Matthew 11:25

Actually, I appreciate your reminding me of this. Personally, I have no problem in recognizing my dependence.

Eaten by maggots? I thought the whole point of maggot therapy was that the little critters will not eat living flesh. A sheep being eaten by maggots will probably be looking for some delicious brains to graze on rather than grass.

What about goats?

Would they be more hardy? I daresay a goat curry can stand up to a mutton curry any day.

And on the note of sheep looking for delicious brains. . . B-movie fans will enjoy Black Sheep, a 2007 horror movie about weresheep. They bite humans who then turn into unspeakable giant mansheep things.

The funny part isn't that we're dependant, that's true. The funny part is, I don't think most Christians quite realize to what they are being compared (being that we're pretty far removed from the farm these days). It's not something I've heard sermons on as much as when I was a child. I'd guess there's a substanital minority of folks whose concept of sheep is from a hallmark card/precious moments figurine. To them sheep are cuddly cute critters.

I still think God gets a pretty good laugh occasionally when He sees all the silly things we get proud of doing.

Nelsonal, you may appreciate this poem by Stephen Crane (d. 1899):

Two or three angels
Came near to the earth.
They saw a fat church.
Little black streams of people
Came and went in continually.
And the angels were puzzled
To know why the people went thus,
And why they stayed so long within.

(from The Black Riders)

Given the extent of that list, I'd say every age is old age for a sheep.

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