What is worth its weight in gold?

Here is a list of stuff worth more than its weight in gold, expressed in terms of price per pound:

Platinum $20,679
Fifty Dollar Bills $22,680
Cocaine $22,680
Hundred Dollar Bills $45,359
Rhodium $77,292
Good-quality, one-carat diamonds $11.4 M
LSD $55 M
Antimatter $26 Quadrillion

Here is the link, with much more information.  Here is a short article on the market for rhodium.  Here is an earlier post on the economics of antimatter.  Thanks to Jen Smith for the pointer


How about high quality original software, music, video, books, or inventions, as codified in bits?

$/lb --> infinity

Student, the examples do seem to be 'commodities' in some sense.

Arghh! I swapped "bad" and "good." Man, this antimatter stuff is tricky.

What about printer ink? I thought that stuff is worth more than its weight in gold.

Hospitals purchase anti-matter emitters (positron emitters) at a price of $1000 a dose. As my old professor used to say, it is left as an exercise for the students to determine the price per lb.

You could also calculate the price or tritium per pound. It probably exceeds rhodium.

LSD is much cheaper than cocaine if you look at each in terms of individual doses.

Aerogels, surely.

What is the price of gold?

Doesn't antimatter emit anti-gravitrons? If so, then weighing it is going to be difficult.

I wonder how much a pound of the International Prototype of the Kilogram, stored at the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures is worth.

paul: printer ink costs something like 1.50/oz when bought in quantity; expensive ink is to help amortize (for lack of a better word) over the printer's use. more expensive ($800-$1000+) printers can use the cheap ink.

if we're including consumer goods, many biochemical reagents cost $100-200+ per mg, or about 100,000,000 per pound. but nobody ever buys in those kinds of quantities, so it's a moot point.

I wonder, what is the price of the average mature human brain per pound?

David Wright, that brings up an interesting question: Does the price per pound of antimatter go up or down if you bring it to relativistic speeds? On the one hand, there will be less of it in a pound. On the other hand, highly energetic antimatter is presumably worth more than slower antimatter

I don't know much physics, but does anti-matter even have weight as opposed to mass?


a one dollar bill is worth its weight in Iridium
a two dollar bill is worth a bit more than its weight in Gold
a five dollar bill is worth more than its weight in Platinum
a 10 dollar bill is worth a bit less than its weight in Rhodium

Sean (Aug 29, 8:03),

My local supermarket sells Schwartz saffron for the equivalent of about £7000 (~$14000) per kg, so it's cheaper than the other stuff on the list.

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