Econometrics of Bigfoot and UFOs

Peter Leeson is posting over at Freakonomics on the econometrics of bigfoot and ufos, he finds that states with a lot of ufo sightings also have a lot of bigfoot sightings.  Unfortunately, Leeson draws entirely wrong conclusions from his research.  If he wants to explain his results, my young colleague needs to study the classics


No need to study classics. How about studying where military aviation bases are? UFO sightings correlate with heavy air traffic. Heavy air traffic correlates with military aviation training bases (like Pensacola/Gulf Breeze, FL). Military training bases correlates with heavily rural areas.

Unless people are seeing Bigfoot in downtown Chicago, I think we've cracked the case.

This is silliness, he just waves away a major and valid criticism as if it's nothing. Why doesn't he run a correlation against the percent of the population that lives in rural areas? How is someone supposed to see either of these things in a big city? I can just see the thought bubble now, "There's the John Hancock building, and there's Second Ave, so I need start heading this... Holy crap it's Bigfoot!"

The second comment was better than the whole post. Why do UFOs correlate with Bigfoot sightings?

"It strongly suggests to me that the aliens are Wookies."

Any chance that reported sightings correlate with excessive inbreeding?

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It is enlightening for me!

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