Markets in everything, India electoral fact of the day edition

According to the study…almost one in two voters in Karnataka, where assembly elections were held in May, had taken money for voting or not voting.
However, the share of voters is higher among the voters in the so-called below the poverty line, or BPL, category: 73% in Karnataka while the national average is 37%.
And the price?
“The bribe money varies from state to state. It may be Rs100-150 (a voter) in some states and it can go up to Rs1,000 in some constituencies,” said Rao, adding that the CMS study refers to only cash bribes, not the value of liquor or other material inducements being doled out during election campaigns.
The exchange rate is about 45 to 1.  Here is the full story.  It is estimated that one-fifth of the Indian electorate sells its vote in some manner.  I thank Deane Jayamanne for the pointer.


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