Which U.S. states are most populated by neurotics?

The map is here.  It is more or less what I expected, namely the Northeast.  Virginia does fine, though we seem to be a state of open, disagreeable introverts.  The link shows you other state-by-state personality maps as well.  The pointer is from Arnold Kling, though I would have read it anyway.


"open, disagreeable introverts." A lot of people would describe Masonomists that way.

who are the disagreeable ones? not the two who blog here, no? ;-)

The comments about correlation between openness and creativity are interesting. Again we see that openness is good in society, almost in any meaning of the word. Open society, open source, open people. You could probably base a whole ideology on that word. "Openism". :-)

No wonder I like Virginia so much.

Did they not even poll Alaska? It's in the 5th quintile in every category.

Oh yeah, that's right. Alaskans don't have personality.

What makes California so agreeable?


california is the best

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