Plans, plans, plans

There is the O’Neill plan:

His plan to deal with the crisis would start with a "discounted cash-flow analysis” of distressed instruments that are clogging the financial system. The government would guarantee the assets, paring back the support as principal and interest payments were made, he said. "That should take care of the liquidity problem because if they have a government guarantee at a specified level they should trade just like cash,” O’Neill said.

Or the Soros plan.  And here is a "SuperBond" plan to recapitalize the banking system. 

And then there is the Phelps plan for capital injection in return for warrants.  Not to mention the French plan.

Or how about the Wright plan:

…to let any American with a mortgage swap it out for a government one at 7% for up to 50 years (to get the monthly payment down to where the borrower can handle it). The Treasury will pay off the existing mortgage with bonds (which it can sell cheap right now). If a borrower wants to default instead s/he can do so, and then the lender can mortgage the property on the above terms.

So many plans!

Here are some solar greenhouse plans.  And here are Silly Billy’s World’s Elementary Lesson Plans.


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