Will the price of risk be too high or too low?

From the comments at MR:

…we had all better hope that there will be some stupid groups in the
future, because if not, then our society will be poorer due to a
societywide excessively high price of risk. an excessively high price
of risk isn’t as spectacularly catastrophic as the excessively low
price of risk of the last 10 years, but compounded over time it can do
just as much damage…

I hold a few beliefs:

1. For a while the price of risk had been too low.

2. Currently the price of risk is too high.

3. In response to the crisis, we will regulate to prevent the particular previous manifestations of #1.  The bad news is this will be an overreaction; the good news is that because of #2 the regulatory overreaction won’t matter for some while.

4. We do not know how to regulate to prevent other, future, hitherto unexperienced manifestations of an excessively low price of risk.

5. Maybe #4 is wrong, but beware of any huff-and-puff polemic discussion that is not at least considering these points.


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