How many Obamas are there?

According to databases, there might be fewer than 20 Obama families in
the United States, compared with more than 11,000 Clintons and 60,000

Many of these people are being treated like VIPs.  But they are not mostly from Kenya:

Nicanor, like most of the Obamas in this area, is a native of
Equatorial Guinea. The name is common there — much more so than in
Kenya, in fact, where the president-elect’s father was from — and
Guineans wonder whether they can make their own claim to a branch of
the president-elect’s family tree. There are also a few Obamas of
Japanese decent.

Here is a listing of all appearances of the word or name Obama, which includes lots from Japan, including a cable TV station.  Here is the only known Obama in the UK.

Now that Brian Cowen (read the section of that link on "public image") is Prime Minister of Ireland…


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