How many Obamas are there?

According to databases, there might be fewer than 20 Obama families in
the United States, compared with more than 11,000 Clintons and 60,000

Many of these people are being treated like VIPs.  But they are not mostly from Kenya:

Nicanor, like most of the Obamas in this area, is a native of
Equatorial Guinea. The name is common there — much more so than in
Kenya, in fact, where the president-elect’s father was from — and
Guineans wonder whether they can make their own claim to a branch of
the president-elect’s family tree. There are also a few Obamas of
Japanese decent.

Here is a listing of all appearances of the word or name Obama, which includes lots from Japan, including a cable TV station.  Here is the only known Obama in the UK.

Now that Brian Cowen (read the section of that link on "public image") is Prime Minister of Ireland…


Weirdly enough Brian Cowen and Obama's great third great-grandfather both come from the same area (Offaly). So you could be related to Obama also. BIFFO now also means Black Intelligent Fellow From Offaly

Jason, RA Fisher's explanation was that people who have fewer children don't have to spend as much money on their children so other things equal the children inherit more money. If relative infertility leads to wealth concentration, a fair number of rich people will be relatively infertile. And if high status tends to go with wealth, then there you are.

You don't need to assume intelligence is involved, but it could be. Fisher suggested that smart ruthless people, the people who make a lot of money, might then tend to marry infertile people and suffer natural selection against them. He suggested that people who are superior in some way ought to try to have plenty of children despite their possible infertility. I believe his suggestion was mostly ignored.

Somebody who said things like that today would be considered a crackpot but Fisher was a great geneticist and statistician.

Who is in Ireland counting all the O'Bama's?

Obama almost didn't get offered his famous community organizing job because the boss was worried that he might be Japanese. The New York Times reported:

"Mr. Kellman, who is white, was looking for a black organizer to assist him. Mr. Kellman said that based on the résumé, he had not been sure Mr. Obama was black. The name Obama and the fact that he had grown up in Hawaii, made him think Mr. Obama might be Japanese."

Kellman asked his Japanese wife if "Obama" sounded Japanese to her, and she said sure.

Indeed, one theory for why Obama's "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" is so obsessed with "race and inheritance" is that it started out as a law school application essay trying to make sure that Obama qualified for the African-American quota rather than the (non-existent) Asian-American quota.

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