John Smith hasn’t made up his mind yet

John Smith reports:

I am ready to move on – perhaps for a career where deadlines are
honored, ideas are exchanged and gimmicks and fads are routinely
avoided because they distract from advancing the mission of gaining and
sharing knowledge. Yes, it is time to find another line of work, where
I can enjoy the fruits of my labor, even if I realize that the grass is
grayer, if not greener, elsewhere.

John Smith is the pseudonym of a professor at a liberal arts
college. He asked to remain anonymous because he is continuing to teach
while he is job-hunting and doesn’t want his comments to reflect on his

Read the whole thing, from InsideHigherEd.  The guy swears he is quitting.  He is a tenured English professor in his mid-40s, highly employable in many sectors of our declining economy, especially those sectors where gimmicks and fads are routinely avoided.  I observe that a) John Smith seems to be quite a good professor, and b) John Smith needs one of Robin Hanson’s lectures on self-deception.


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