Markets in everything?

The new claim is that a woolly mammoth could be regenerated for as little as $10 million.  The basic technique, as I understand it, is reconstructing the genome of the mammoth and modifying the DNA in the egg of a modern elephant and bringing the final-stage egg to term in an elephant mother.  It is noted that the same will be possible with Neanderthals, as it is expected that their genome will be recovered and sequenced shortly.

Didn’t I read as recently as ten years ago that "Jurassic Park" scenarios were more or less impossible?  I don’t expect Neanderthal man to reappear soon, but assuming the world stays (relatively) peaceful and wealthy, what is the chance of seeing one or more such beings within the next two hundred years?  Yes I know all about the law, eventual demographics, and the fear of planet-wide interspecies war, but at $10 million and over one hundred countries in the world, is not private philanthropy robust?

As one commentator asks, if we humans killed them off in the first place, does that mean we have any obligation to revive them now?


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