The word of the year


That’s from Oxford.  Runners-up were moofer and topless meeting.

The first two sound British to me and all three sound silly.  I would have picked "Tweet."


"Moof" is always and forever the call of Clarus the DogCow. Which makes "moofer" strangely appropriate.

I agree with 'Tweet' - although I would have liked to have opted for 'Obamanomics' if there was a definitive definition of the term...
If the selection is wide enough to encorporate the expansion of definitions, rather than 'just' the invention of new words, then 'crunch', 'bailout' & 'friend' (as in 'to friend', rather than 'a friend'/'my friend' etc.) must be contenders.
PS I agree the three mentioned are silly, and I'm British & had never heard of any of them.
Word or phrase to remove from the popular lexicon? 'Hanging chad' - good riddance.
Best new *phrase* of the year? Unquestionably 'cheddar gorilla' made me chuckle.

although a suitable word _is_ needed, moofer appears to be a Microsoft/PR effort that hasn't really caught on

Tweet is very last year, Tyler. You are just so old sometimes. Frankly, I think this was the year of pwnage. Certainly after the recent extinction event, most American taxpayer feel deeply pwned.

The year of pwnage...that is at least a half decade old, if not more and you call out Tyler for Tweet?

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