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Bush: 'And for my last trick, I give you... utter ruin! Get outta that without moving, university boy!'

Bush: "The difference between you and me is that I say one thing and do the opposite. While you say one thing and say the opposite."

In two months it's your problem, not mine: "Mission Accomplished"

"Everyone laughs at farts."

Condi isn't the only one who can stand at 45 degree angles with enemies.

Krugman almost turned down the Noble Prize when he found out that this moment would be a requirement.

Well, at least we have one thing in common. Obama beat both of our preferred candidates – Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Wow, that's what competence looks like...

Number 26 on the Freakonomics blog, written by "a student of economics" is by far the best one, and I'll just modify it slightly:

"So I says to Cheney “Duh! Piece-wise continuous functions are ALWAYS Reimann integrable, so just invert the matrix and use a polynomial distributed lag to eliminate the heteroskedasticity! What a lightweight! Heh-heh-heh†

This conclusively proves that is no trap door leading to a shark tank in the oval office.

(In a Mr. Burns voice): "Excellent! This life size, smiling clone of Paul Krugman is just what the doctor ordered!"

"What do you think of this idea, Paul: we're thinking of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey this year and shooting a prizewinning liberal economist!"

"I like you in profile like this, Paul! Less eye contact!"

"Psst -- hottie at 2 o'clock."

"Well, now that you have the secret Nobel Prize ring of Power, I am sure you too will succumb to the irresistible temptation to use your newfound infinite might to stamp out every ember of hope and love in the hearts of your fellow man and wom--aah,haha, I can't believe how crazy this stock market's been, huh?"


"You think I'm cool, right?

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

Krugman: "But seriously, Mr. President, the door is right over there (motioning in the direction of his gaze) ... we need to clean up a bit before your successor can get down to work ... if you don't mind, sir."

Krugman: You can have a good career throwing BS around?

Bush: Yep, they even gave a prize for it this year

"Like most political jokes, either or both affiliations may be replaced with any other desired affiliation."

But not salva veritate.

So, Paul, ever been to Cuba before?

No, I wont shake your hand, either.

"Professor, I'd rather embrace your mistress than your principles."

Krugman: "Do I _have_ to grin to everyone?"

Messrs Krugman and Bush share a few laughs during a surprise reunion that shocked the world. Separated shortly after Mr. Krugman's birth, the two brothers were raised in different environments and developed very different views of the world. Both were educated at Yale, and both have attained worldwide notoriety through their career accomplishments. In response to a question about the antagonistic tone of his writing, Mr. Krugman replied, "He's not perfect, but he is my brother. We may disagree on policy, but, I tell you this, if you mess with this man, you mess with me." Mr. Bush was later quoted as saying "Even though Pauly sometimes over econofies his analysis, he is an expert on the internationalification of trade, and I respect that. I'm looking forward to reminisifying with my brother."

Guess you'll have to bury your Nobel bling in a PVC tube Krug, jokes on you.

Bush: Yeah, keep laughing. Did I forget to mention O'Reilly is also in on this photo op?

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"Good job Paul! You and I sure came up with plenty of foxholes to keep all those atheists and libertarians busy for the next hundred years, hehehe..."

Paul Krugman is on the left. President Bush is on the right.


"Ahh, it's amazing - he's the leader of the free world, and he thinks Hayek is just some kind of a bad cough.."

"Al Gore got one - and an Oscar too, so don't go all high and mighty on me pal.."

"Cronyism - it's not just for cowboys! Welcome to the club b!atch" - GWB

The Krugman and the Thugman.

Bush: Knock knock.
Krugman: Who's there?
Bush: Huh?

"No, really Paul, I think we should have a conference call with Art Laffer."

"Hey Paul, have a cigar!"

Is that an oil bubble in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

Hah! You got hair in your ears, too.

Mr. Krugman, I think the Nobel guys have over-superestimated you.


Well, at least it wasn't a libertarian economist!


Is that a bubble in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Krugman? Like on that gold coin? Can I get some for the bailout?

Yeah, I shave mine too. Laura likes it that way.

GWB: "These last 8 years were fantastic and fun. It was fun-tastic"

PK: "Yeah. I gotta thank you GB, You did wonders for my column. I can't believe all those NYT readers think I'm serious about that stuff. Fools."

GWB: "Yeah. All we need is Peter Boettke and the triangle is complete."

"Nobel, Mr. President, not No Bull."

Krugman: "It's new-KLEE-er.......Gah!"

Bush: "I know. I just been playing with you."

"I know there's a new guy coming, but would you mind if I still blamed you?"

Wait'll Pauly finds out I had the CIA cook up a transdermal poison that works only on him.

Bush: So all you and Al did was put on weight and grow a beard? That's all it took?

krugman talk balloon : who's laughing now?!

bush thought balloon : yeah, let's see who's laughing when he finds out I had his cats shipped to guantanamo...

Hey, Kruggiemon, did you hear the one about the neocon, the economist and the rabbi?

Krugman thinking -> Stranger than fiction. Next year: Literature Nobel.

W.: If I weren’t George W. Bush I could swear this beard guy is Paul Krugman.

Watch me make the case that deficits are great for the economy now that Bush is gone and Obama is gonna send the debt into outer space! It's not about economics--it's all about the spin, and I am the greatest unbiased hack in the world when it comes to lies and spins.

Watch me make the case that deficits are great for the economy now that Bush is gone and Obama is gonna send the debt into outer space! It's not about economics--it's all about the spin, and I am the greatest unbiased hack in the world when it comes to lies and spins.

"Make no mistake: I'm smiling because you have two more months of relevance."

"Fantastic. And I'm smiling because you haven't yet seen my finale..."

W.: Luke... I'm your father

"Hey Paul, no recession for the two of us, eh?"

K.: No, Mr. President, duct tape doesn’t solve all problems.

Seriously... I'm not Santa.

K.: Seriously... I'm not Santa.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

"Kruggie, you're doin a heck of a job. (Thought bubble: let's see if that kills his career."

I wish to amend my previous submission to read: "...And me, a man who regularly forgets to wear pants... the President of the United States!"

"Got any good stock tips?"

From your book? Hell no, Paul, I thought of the plan after reading an email from some dude in Nigeria.

Sarah Palin? C'mon, really John?!

pauling around

Bush: "Wow. You can be dumb enough to lose a debate with O'Reilly on TV and STILL be smart enough to win one of them Nobel prizes."

K: I brought you pretzels, Mr. President.

Bush: Santa Claus!!!

Dismal science, huh?

You ain't seen nothing, yet!

President Bush and Noble Prize winner Paul Krugman will resume peace talks Jan.21, 2009 at Camp David.


Mr. Krugman reluctantly accepts congratulations, sneering smile from President Bush.

Bush: Wait a minute, how'd you get one of them gold medals from the King of Sweden? I thought I went to Japan for the Olympics this past summer.

So, how come there's no Nobel Prize for blowing stuff up? The guy invented dynamite, didn't he?

Bush: If you are so smart why didn't you send me a tape with your idears.
Krugman: I thurght you hád Internet in the White House.


Krugman: Haven't you read my blogs at all?
Bush: Well you see; reading and information and stuff is now what a persidents time is for.

"Sweden is a socialist country, right?"

"Kruggy, ever thought about moving to Stockholm?"

"Kruggy, is it true that the Economics prize isn't actually a REAL Nobel?"

So is your brother the Governer of Sweden or something...

K: You know, this is kind of ironic. I've spent your whole Presidency attacking you in the New York Times.

B: In the what?

I posted this over on the freako blog too:

"God, just as long as he doesn't hug me."

From left: thinking of economy, economy of thinking.

The Derider and The Decider.

Bush: So, Kruggy, why aren't there any bells? Do they have whistles?

Due to an unforgiveable lack of proofread, that should have been:

KRUGMAN: So... should we tell Obama I'm really a libertarian?
BUSH: Nah...

Stop me if you heard this one. You me and a rabbi walk into a bar...

And I always thought Clinton actually said "It's the stupid economics"

Bush: Now that I'm going back to Crawford, will you be going back to doing economics?

So now do you understand what I meant by 'faith-based solution'?

I am going to pardon everyone that you hate.

Mission Accomplished.

"Krugman", you say? Do you write for _Commentary_?

Mr. President, you're such a kidder!

Brace yourself! I'm going to punch you in the dick.

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