Daniel Tarullo

I read his comment (JSTOR) on Richard Cooper’s paper on capital controls.  Tarullo is very willing to countenance the notion, in a way that might appeal to Dani Rodrik.  He even considers the notion that perhaps such controls should be permanent for some countries.

Here is some of his policy work, mostly centrist Democrat it seems.  Here is his testimony on reforming the IMF and World Bank.  He wants to make the Bank smaller, hire fewer academic economists, devote more attention to project evaluation, and (good luck) restructure the dysfunctional role of the Bank’s governing board.  He wants to give greater IMF quotas to the rising economic powers such as China.

He just wrote a whole book picking apart Basel II; here is a summary of his conclusions.  They make sense but somehow they don’t read as if he is getting to the heart of the matter.  When he writes he is reluctant to generalize.  The Basel work is probably one reason why Obama nominated him for the Board of Governors.  He is much more a "regulation guy" than a "monetary policy" guy.  That suggests he won’t challenge Bernanke on monetary policy.  Overall it is another sign that Obama is committed to making high-IQ, high experience, high quality economic nominations.

He teaches law at Georgetown.  He is currently working on a book on international banking regulation; basic biographical information is here.  He won’t get to finish the book.


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