The rule of law?


That’s Ford’s UAW contract.  You can read those 2215 pages, and other UAW contracts, here.  I thank Tim Miller for the pointer.


A Diet Coke might not have enough caffeine to get you through all of those pages...

Detailed contracts are often good. They reduce uncertainty.

I can't tell whether it's bad or good just by looking at how much paper was wasted printing it out. It's all in the specifics.

Also, whoever drafted that got to bill mad hours. Props.

Does that cover what Ford expects of its UAW workers or what the UAW demands/extorts from Ford?

Reaganesque post; nice!

Just by looking at it, I think I can guarantee that someone is violating at least one of those rules at all times.

Wow. I am so glad I am not a lawyer.

GeorgeinNYC said of Tyler Cowen:

I mean I thought people like you were all about "private" regulation over government regulation?

George, take it from me, Tyler is not the one smuggling anarcho-capitalism into our world.

The breaks at 500 sheets could be due to replacing the paper in the printer each ream. So this might include the ink. Probably just blank pages though. That's alot of toner.

The final 1872 pages are the rider. Absolutely no brown M & Ms.

The length of the contract isn't a result of the political system in which it is produced.

Its a function of a cartel that writes the rules, interprets the rules & enforces the rules.

I think the Bar Association chuckles to themselves every time they produce something like that.

The US Navy's Military Personnel Manual is 3,114 pages. Just sayin'. (and remember that's just the navy. I presume the army air force and marines have equally long but separate documents.)

How about a photo of the governance documents for GMU, plus a months worth of internal email and memos?

You know, the stuff that protects professors from the free market?

Bottomline here is they need to just go under and bounce the UAW and start fresh.

how long would it take tyler to read this, i wonder

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