I don’t know what to think of this

Via Jezebel,
I learn that a Japanese porn company is making "charity porn." They’ve
sent some porn actresses to Kenya, and filmed them having sex with
impoverished local Africans for their Naked Continent series.
The production company, Natural High, has proudly proclaimed that the
director made an $11,000 donation to a local charity, and will donate
another $10 for the purchase of every DVD of that particular film.

At some level it doesn’t sound right but I guess I can’t find it in myself to oppose this venture.  Here is more.  I thank Amanda for the pointer.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Brad DeLong has a very good post on banking reform (a more logical idea than a huge fiscal stimulus, though I’m not sure it would work) and Megan McArdle has a very good post on the automakers.


I'm offended, but I'm not sure why or on who's behalf.

From the Jezebel blog posting:

If we don't like it when American pornographers exploit women in foreign countries , it's not going to make us feel any better when they're doing it to men of equally limited means.

Yes, I'm sure the Kenyan men who volunteered to have sex on camera with these Japanese porn stars will be traumatized for years by the experience. Can we stop treating all people in developing countries as if they are children? It's incredibly condescending.


"savage tribe outfits"



Great way to pick up AIDS. Who the hell did the cost-benefit analysis on this one?

I don't know about you, but i guess the sex in question is *not* unprotected.

The links suggest that unprotected sex is exactly what was happening. Who's being exploited here?

Your continuing admiration for McArdle amazes me. Her post is a not-very-coherent attempt to blame the UAW for all the troubles of the auto industry, and uses her standard combination of assumed facts and vague references to unidentified authorities.

From the Sociological Images post:

"How much choice can these individuals really exercise if, in fact, they are as impoverished as the producer claims?"

I fail to see how adding a choice to a bundle of choices could do anything but to increase the amount of opportunities one has. The original post makes a few lame attempts to suggest that there was little, if any, consent involved. I fail to see how this could be even close to truth.

Also, there's some speculation over whether the men were paid. Isn't the chance to get to bang Japanese chicks a payment enough? After all, many would pay to get to do something like that.

I fail to see anything morally reprehensible about all this. I'm more concerned if the "local charity" is of any use to anyone or just another way to allocate charity money to a few corrupt individuals.

Jason Malloy is a genius.

Japanese porn industry... it's beyond our imagination!

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