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Wearable air bags for the elderly (click on "Start Reading" to get through).

Can you guess in which country?

If you keep on clicking on that link, you’ll go through the NYT’s Year in Ideas 2008, always worth reading.  I found at least half of them worthwhile (a very good way to spend your Friday night) but sadly they do not have a separate link for each bit.  Under "B" you will find an interesting discussion of the Bus-Wait Problem, namely when you should stop waiting for that bus and start walking.  The advice is that usually you should wait. 

Here is separate information on "the glass cliff," a fascinating phenomenon.


they miss the bus on the bus wait problem. the correct solution is to walk _in the opposite direction of your target_, i.e. toward the bus you are waiting for. if you do this, you will get on the same bus but sooner, so you can have more unbroken time while sitting, and you will arrive at your destination at the same time as you would have by waiting. (this solution maximizes the absolute amount of travel, which makes it even more efficient as a function of miles traveled per unit time.)

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Because you ask, I'm going to guess Japan.

I also expect Japan to install treadmills at bus stops in short order.

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The bus wait problem always seemed pretty easy to me: it's basically a Weibull function with an increasing failure rate. Because the number of people waiting is a proxy for time since the previous bus, the better rule is to wait only if others are waiting.

Living in NYC, the answer is to bus crosstown, walk uptown/downtown. The interaction between stopping every other block and traffic lights makes north/south only marginally faster than walking--and often slower with traffic.

Most interesting snippet was about the crows.

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The problem that most perplexed me was the "A good way to spend your Friday night". Maybe a Sunday night but not Friday.

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