Reasons not to own a pet

Yes I do find that a legitimate research topic but I was underwhelmed by this abstract:

There is inadequate understanding about why people might not own pets. This qualitative study asked eight elderly women and men to discuss why they do not have a pet, whether pets were deemed beneficial to health, and whether they had plans for future pet ownership. Reasons for not owning a pet were Emotional or Pragmatic; Pragmatic reasons were categorized as relating to Convenience, Negative aspects of companion animals and Competing demands on time or energy. Participants expressed mixed feelings in their plans for future pet ownership. Clinical and research implications of these findings are discussed.

I guess they save all the good results for the paper.


Sample size 8.

Three cheers to the rigour of this paper.

I love that it took 3 authors to talk to 8 old folks and find out that they don't own pets because they are inconvenient.

That's right on the borderline of me empathizing with publishing a quicky and being pissed that I could never get away with it.

Is this any better? (I suppose so, since it only took 2 authors).

Mobius, Markus M., and Tanya S. Rosenblat 2006. "Why Beauty Matters. " American Economic Review, 96(1): 222–235.

We decompose the beauty premium in an experimental labor market where "employers" determine wages of "workers" who perform a maze-solving task. This task requires a true skill which we show to be unaffected by physical attractiveness. We find a sizable beauty premium and can identify three transmission channels: (a) physically attractive workers are more confident and higher confidence increases wages; (b) for a given level of confidence, physically attractive workers are (wrongly) considered more able by employers; (c) controlling for worker confidence, physically attractive workers have oral skills (such as communication and social skills) that raise their wages when they interact with employers. Our methodology can be adopted to study the sources of discriminatory pay differentials in other settings.

What on earth is next? Reasons why some people don't enjoy watching football? Soup or Salad?

A response:

I guess some people really try hard to get an Ig-nobel prize.

In Los Angeles, I've been asked to pay $250/month "pet rent" in nicer apartments. Of course, it is worth it to me!

On the other side, being able to bring your dogs along to restaurants is one of the better reasons to live in LA. Almost every restaurant on the Sunset Strip accepts dogs outside (where the weather is 99% perfect), and major malls like Century City and The Grove are also dog-friendly.

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