Will he usher in a reign of futarchy?

Dr. Holdren, now a physicist at Harvard, was one of the experts in natural resources whom Paul Ehrlich enlisted in his famous bet against the economist Julian Simon
during the "energy crisis" of the 1980s. Dr. Simon, who disagreed with
environmentalists’ predictions of a new "age of scarcity" of natural
resources, offered to bet that any natural resource would be cheaper at
any date in the future. Dr. Ehrlich accepted the challenge and asked
Dr. Holdren, then the co-director of the graduate program in energy and
resources at the University of California, Berkeley, and another
Berkeley professor, John Harte, for help in choosing which resources
would become scarce.

He’s been named as Obama’s chief science advisor.  Here is more information.  Read this too.  I was disconcerted to see the close connections between Holdren and Ehrlich. 


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