A *New Day*

Sometime in the next week – January 1st if you have that available,
or maybe January 3rd or 4th if the weekend is more convenient – I
suggest you hold a New Day, where you don’t do anything old.

read any book you’ve read before.  Don’t read any author you’ve read
before.  Don’t visit any website you’ve visited before.  Don’t play any
game you’ve played before.  Don’t listen to familiar music that you
already know you’ll like.  If you go on a walk, walk along a new path
even if you have to drive to a different part of the city for your
walk.  Don’t go to any restaurant you’ve been to before, order a dish
that you haven’t had before.  Talk to new people (even if you have to
find them in an IRC channel) about something you don’t spend much time

And most of all, if you become aware of yourself
musing on any thought you’ve thunk before, then muse on something
else.  Rehearse no old grievances, replay no old fantasies.

That is Eliezer.  He concludes:

If it works, you could make it a holiday tradition, and do it every New Year.


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