British people vouch for economics (YouTube)


Interesting that there are two broad classes of response: (1) to understand how the world works (and maybe make it better) and (2) to make money.

They remind me of physicists 30 years ago. There were those who wanted to understand how the universe works and those who wanted to make better gadgets.

I have no idea who makes the better economist or physicist.

I second the question to Tyler: Why did you study economics?

I hear enough economics without having to date someone who talks about economics. That might color my thinking that few of those girls were attractive...or did you mean the guys?

To signal that I'm not stupid.

Tyler, give us a break. You accomplished that with your chess stuff (and certainly in your courses in high school and college), writing books and articles, your blogs, etc.

So let me rephrase: What made you choose economics as opposed to anything else to signal that you are not stupid?

As a former econ major and econ teacher, let me say that I wish I had majored in English Lit or Psychology. That way I would not have to spend the better part of my day (retired) answering fool questions on the current situation. Hell, if I knew the answers, I would have the Nobel, not Krugman!

I dunno, I know a certain female PhD economist from Trinity College who is extremely hot. But the answers were cute, too.

My guess is that being friends in high school with Randall Kroszner and Daniel Klein had something to do with it.

Tyler, were you primarily interested in signaling to these two high school friends that you were smart?

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