Cass Sunstein to head OIRA

Mr. Obama also was poised to name Cass R. Sunstein,
an American legal scholar, to an existing White House post as the
administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. A
transition official said late Wednesday that Mr. Sunstein would oversee
government regulations and devise new approaches for government

Here is the article.  Here is Wikipedia on Sunstein; he is the co-author of Nudge and a very well-known law and economics scholar.  He is now married to Samantha Power and he once had a pet Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I have had many interactions with Cass Sunstein and he has been unfailing intelligent and gracious.

If you wish (and you are warned), here is a left-wing critique of Cass Sunstein.


This doesn't sound like the fast track to a Supreme Court appointment people have been predicting. Did he give up his new Harvard LS post for this?

Forsooth! The world's most obnoxious blogger doesn't like Sunstein. Oh dear.

When I last spoke to Prof. Eric Alterman, in a public forum, I was surprised at his definition of liberal, which came from Sir Isiah Berlin and could easily have been given by Tyler or Cass as definitions of their own positions, I think. The liber(al)tarian movement, or whatever you want to call it, seems to growing rapidly now in numbers and influence.

I would certainly take him, though he wouldn't be perfect. I suppose Obama is probably looking for a woman or minority.

Interesting. I just started reading one of his books I received as a gift for Christmas, "Infotopia."

She thinks that behavioral economics is an advocate for free-market fundamentalism?!?!

Is she the world's most obnoxious and pretentious blogger?

World's most obnoxious and dim-witted blogger?

Daniel Klein writes some worrisome things about Sunstein:

"Sunstein hold that the nation-state is a voluntary organization (210), that the rules issuing from the government are voluntarily entered into like a corporation’s bylaws (217), that libertarian ideas of liberty are just “fairy tales† (216), and that, as the title of their first chapter declares, “All Rights Are Positive.† In their social democrat worldview, all things are owned, fundamentally and ultimately, by the government, and any decentralized exercise of property rights or contract is undertaken by its authorized delegation. “Private property [is] a creation of state action,† (66) “laws [enable property holders] to acquire and hold what is ‘theirs’† (230). The quotation marks on “theirs† are there to tell us: That car you drive everyday is really the property of the state; we just let you think it’s yours."


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