Economist characters in the movies

Jonathan Falk asks me:

Depending on how you
categorize John Nash’s profession, Richard Jenkins is either the first or second
actor to be nominated for an Academy Award for playing an economist.  How
many “economists in the movies” have there been? 

My basically
unresearched list:
Richard Jenkins as
Walter Vale in The Visitor
Ray Baker as Carl
Kaysen in Girl, Interrupted (very minor role)
Russell Crowe as
John Nash in A Beautiful Mind  (maybe)
Austin Pendleton as
Thomas King in A Beautiful Mind (I actually discussed this with him
once… He told me he had no idea what any of his lines
Nick Nolte as
Augusto Odone in Lorenzo’s Oil
Am I missing
anything prominent?

There is of course Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller.  What else?


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