It's seven hours long and probably the greatest Hungarian movie.  I'm about to start the third of three Netflix disks.  One reviewer described it as "desacralized Tarkovsky."  Another summarized the "plot": "Moving at a pace that would suit a glacier, Mr. Tarr [the director] contemplates a
group of grim-faced, wretched characters whose agricultural collective
has fallen into decay, and who engage in desperate forms of chicanery
as a way of denying their failure."  If you love Tarkovsky, Sakurov, and Hou Hsiao Hsien, this is the next step and it does stand in that league.  The Rotten Tomatoes reviews are very good too, noting there is a selection bias in who watches in the first place.  Here is a review from a guy who started off totally unconvinced but was pulled in.  Hardly anyone knows this movie, I can't imagine why.


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