Singapore fact of the day

I am surprised that Bryan Caplan didn't already tell me this:

A controversial amendment to legalize the payment of compensation to
organ donors was put before the Singapore parliament this week and
while the health ministry is yet to decide on the upper limit for
reimbursement, it is expected to be at least S$50,000 (US$33,000).

Here is much more.  I thank Bob, a loyal MR reader, for the pointer.  And don't forget about the new Sally Satel book on organ sales and why they are a good idea.


Speaking of the legal organ market, here is a story of legal barter economy of human organ:,4136,190428,00.html

Should we legalize the blood market again?

If it passes, could a foreigner go to Singapore to sell a kidney or buy one?

I am mystified by this applause for the authoritarian Singapore. It's a one-party state with no freedom of speech or separation of powers. You're aware they try bloggers for sedition there and jail them?

"Enlightened" or no, Lee Kuan Yew is still a despot ripped from the pages of Xenophon. Don't you live in Virginia, Tyler - Sic Semper Tyrannis?

LKY Fan, I like your comment -

Anyone want to nominate a US congressman on the PAP ticket ?

It may surprise some with preconceived notions that prostitution is legal in Singapore (unlike in, say, Thailand or Philippines where it is used as a steady income stream for corrupt police). And you don't get executed for marijuana possession (jailed, yes, but they only execute people carrying large quantities).

If this bill passes, it would be an interesting experiment that we should watch closely.

The relationship between the government and the people is also a lot more complicated than most people are willing to admit. The government really is supported pretty strongly by most Singaporeans. There are no functioning, healthy, or robust democracies in southeast Asia at this point -- Singapore is at least developed and has a high quality of life. Rightly or wrongly, Singaporeans see the authoritarian government as the price to be paid to avoid the fate of its neighbors. The tragedy is that it is a conformist country where minority opinions and dissenters suffer -- it's far from totalitarian though.

Plus, they have a bitchin' ethnic food scene.

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