Some do, some don’t

Some people enjoy running into an occasional primate or farm animal while shopping. Many others don’t.

That’s from The New York Times.  This very interesting article is about the growing debate over the role of service animals in public places.  I hadn’t known that parrots were being used to help medicated bipolar patients negotiate public situations.  In case you didn’t know, I would enjoy running into an occasional (non-human) primate or farm animal while shopping.  Not that I ever have.

I thank John De Palma and Michelle Dawson for the pointers.

Addendum: On service animals here is much more.


I encountered this once at the zoo of all places. The woman in front of me had a tiny monkey climbing over her shoulders and head. The zoo didn't want to let her bring it in (concerns about it getting loose and getting hurt/eaten by something, as well as diseases). The woman didn't have any disabilities--and admitted this--but raised a fuss based on it being a companion animal.

They finally let her in. I crossed paths with her a few more times that afternoon, and people kept thinking that she was a zoo employee who brought out an animal for people to pet and play with. She kept having to explain it to everyone, meanwhile the monkey just looked terrified and confused and kept pulling on her hair.

Last time I looked the shops were full of primates. Maybe I need spectacles?

I would prefer not running into as many primates while shopping.

I'd like an chimp bodyguard, a la trunk monkey, to protect me from ad hominid attacks.

Put enough chimps at keyboards and you could win every argument.

Or possibly, deep bias against animals.

I'd give up my arms and eyes for a helper monkey riding a guide horse. Of course, then I couldn't see it.

What I don't get is why dogs are not allowed in restaurants? The family sitting next to me is allowed to bring in their crying, screaming, food throwing baby and no one makes a fuss. All my dog wants to do is lay on the floor at my feet under the table. At most I'd ask for a bowl of water for him.

explain to me how


"What I don't get is why dogs are not allowed in restaurants?"

But of course in France dogs are allowed in the best restaurants, while children are somewhat discouraged in the temples of gastronomy.

Parents do need to be smarter about where they take their kids. However, pet owners can be just as blind to the annoyance
that their pets cause others. Is there some thought that all owners of dogs are responsible, respectful of other peoples'
wish not to be sniffed/licked, etc.... while no parents can control their kids? My guess is a random sample of each
population finds the same degree of annoyance in the people exposed to them.

Are these dogs wearing diapers? I can't imagine how much it would ruin my dinner if a poorly trained dog at a nearby table
"took care of business" on the floor while I was eating...

Now we have to be disabled haters to wonder about guide HORSES?

I could become one yet.

Open your own damn horse bar.

I have a seeing-eye blue whale. I tried to bring it on the plane with me, but it turns out it was larger than the plane.

So I sued, and they built the Airbus 380.

Pretty cool.

Tyler, I'm surprised you've never run into a farm animal while shopping. You do visit a lot of developing countries, right? Just go to the local markets there.

"The ADA actually helps malingerers and druggies more than the "traditional" handicapped."

Some people live in an all negative world

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