Did the stimulus bill just fail?

Sort of, or so says The Washington Post.  Apparently some of the moderate Democrats are not on board and there is talk of cutting it by as much as $200 billion.  David Leonhardt has an insightful column, which examines the dual claims that the bill was too small and not well-enough targeted.  I wonder if this is a case where some people (though not I) might have double-peaked preferences, namely that the bill should either be much larger, or if not simply smaller to hold down the deficit.

Overall I am surprised that the bill didn't sail through.  I expected one round of opposition and then a collapse as extra goodies were put on the Xmas tree for recalcitrant legislators.  The political equilibrium now seems trickier than that and I believe that, for better or worse, Obama's "honeymoon" period is now over.


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