Humorous ways of saying it is not as bad as you think

Read them here.  I liked the Chinese on Hillary.


I think that speaks to the quality of Chinese televisions.

Tyler, thanks for the link to Hugo's post. Actually, Hugo's recommendations to turn the anxiety level down can be complemented by a lot of other facts. But I want to comment on Hugo's second sentence: "We are not prepared to say that the semi-nationalization of Citigroup, if this indeed is what is in the offing, means that the worst is behind us." I will assume that he meant Citibank. He's right because even total nationalization of Citibank doesn't mean anything in terms of what the government is going to do with Citibank and more importantly how it's going to manage to achieve its objectives. Thus why I insist on what I suggested yesterday: put Robert Rubin in charge of dividing and selling Citibank but do it in a way that everyone can know what he's doing; and put pressure on Citigroup--either it pays quickly all the government loans or it is liquidated.
Regarding the Chinese, I lived three years there, and I hope none is so stupid to take their polite remark as a yes.

At the end there is a link to NYT article about gloom and doom in Japan. Read the article - it's hilarious.

Same reporting approach was used by Pravda in describing to Soviet populace the grim state of everyday life in US.

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