Is love a countercyclical asset?

Or is it the quest for love which is countercyclical?

Online and offline matchmakers are reporting that dating interest is up, way up.,
for instance, had its strongest fourth quarter in the last seven years,
and brick-and-mortar outfits like Amy Laurent International, a
matchmaking service with outposts in New York, Los Angeles and Miami,
say business is up 40 percent among women over the last four months. Those
in the online dating industry say the increased traffic can be
explained by at least a few factors: unemployed and underemployed
people have more time on their hands to surf the Web, and online dating
is a relatively inexpensive way to meet people. Offline matchmakers add
that organized dating events are cheaper than financing a series of
potentially stultifying meals with blind dates. And some experts say
singles seek the comfort of relationships during difficult times.

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