Advertising markets in everything

Don't be surprised if you see Col. Sanders out filling potholes. In an
unusual cause-marketing push, KFC is tackling the pothole problem in
Louisville, Ky. in exchange for stamping the fresh pavement with
"Re-freshed by KFC," a chalky stencil likely to fade away in the next

Here is the story and I thank The Browser for the pointer.  Elsewhere from The Browser, here are recent job placements at Treasury.


i hate capitalism.

Well put Grant

Just what the gov't should be promoting, more people going to KFC.

How about just labeling old, unrepaired potholes, "brought to you by Joe's Alignment and Tire Repair Center?"

This hairpin corner "sponsored by Jones Funeral Homes."


Your 2010 dollar, valued at 23 cents, brought to you by the US Congress...

i love capitalism, free market

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