Markets in everything

$379.00.  I thank Peter for the pointer.

Elsewhere, here is Al Roth, on "Giving anonymously, for a fee":

How to give money to a friend anonymously (and be sure that it is received)? Try Giving Anonymously,
established "to facilitate giving in such a way that "money" does not
hinder friendship." They will send along your gift via their own check,
and send you a copy of the cancelled check.


It would seem to me that whatever appeal the "Mile High Club" has is the thrill of the risk of getting caught in a crowded public space. Paying $379 to have sex in the back of a Piper designed for privacy seems to defeat the purpose, and is about as notable on a to-do list as "have sex in Delaware" -- though I am amused how the pilot promises that no one will see the couple at the airport.

It also can't be an especially profitable business model.

Here is the tail number is anyone is in Atlanta.

Less cost, more nudity, less privacy, more companionship...

What hath Orville and Wilbur wrought?

i want 379 usd right now,

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