Sentences to ponder

You people do like to comment on A.I.G. bonuses, don't you?  That's exactly my worry about the whole debate.  If my last post on the topic had elicited only five comments I would feel much better about what is going on.

In any case, this sentence, by John Carney (via Felix Salmon) caught my eye:

I don't see anything about voiding the contracts on the grounds of public policy as violating the sanctity of contracts.

In any case, the best way to prove me wrong is for you to never think about this entire topic, ever again.  In the meantime, beware your intuitions about vindication and payback, I would say.

Ruth Marcus makes good points.  Read Jim Manzi tooSteven Pearlstein says they could have, when the bailout started, preemptively based on the bonuses on minimizing taxpayer liabilities.  They didn't.


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