The economics of prostitution pricing and prostitution bleg

From Allison Schrager, this was striking:

“I only charged $300 when I lived in San Francisco,” Andrea says.
Unlike most industries, escorts can charge higher prices when they are
in greater supply. This is because price is one of the few metrics sex suppliers
can use to convey quality. (In this way it is not unlike the hedge-fund
industry.) There are only about 30 VIPs in San Francisco, but nearly
100 in New York, so Andrea can charge more here. The customer
demographic is also wealthier, and a higher price deters customers from
bargaining, which is considered poor taste.

Alas, I cannot vouch for its accuracy.  But in April I am participating in a NYC debate over the morality of prostitution, later to be broadcast on NPR.  Notwithstanding my praise for Ross Douthat, I will be defending prostitution (with the Mayflower Madam on my side), against Catherine MacKinnon and others.

My bleg is this: other than Bernard Mandeville, what should I read to prepare?  Any and all assistance is appreciated.


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