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Laptops Direct can help with your Funeral Costs

these difficult credit-crunch times we understand that it’s not easy to
give your loved ones the send off they deserve. With funerals costing
up to £5000 it makes sense to get help.That’s why we’ve put together
this unique sponsorship package, giving you the opportunity to cover
all your costs.

We will help you pay for some, or all of the
funeral expenses, depending on the package you choose. We have a range
of subtle and tasteful sponsorship positions available throughout the
service each bringing you a contribution cost. Please note that in
order for us to be able to offer this service we do require a minimum
of 50 mourners, this ensures we will get the exposure required to cover
the cost of the sponsorship.

All our sponsorship opportunities
are designed to be non intrusive to the proceedings. We can tailor the
list of options to your requirements giving you complete control of the
service. You will have a dedicated funeral assistant at Laptops Direct
who can help with any queries you may have.

The clincher is the list of price quotations, in British pounds, find it here.  I thank Erik Walz for the pointer.

Addendum: It turns out this isn't true!  A fraudulent report.


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