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It surprises me that no one has mentioned this, so i'll end years of
quietly lurking and say it myself: a possible explanation for the
difference in clinical picture here vs Mexico lies in the sample size
here. 8 of 8 confirmed "swine flu" cases here have not involved serious
lower respiratory infection or death. But about 60 of about 1,000
generally unconfirmed cases of "swine flu" in Mexico have. If those all
confirm, that's about a 6% CFR. From what i've read, we don't have data
yet on the CFR of confirmed cases in Mexico, and we don't have a
satistically significant sample here for measuring phenomena in the
single percentage digits.

This tells me that there is no confirmed or statistically
significant difference in the clinical picture between US & Mexico.

Of course Mexico is where most of the data points lie.  That's Suzanne Bunton.  Read the other comments too.  If the Obama administration believes in competent government, it would be nice if they would meet the public health standards currently practiced by the government in Mexico.  Even a completed fence would not stop a virus and there is otherwise no reason to wait.  Should we in the meantime count on a more favorable mutation to protect us?


finally a purpose for twitter

"Even a completed fence would not stop a virus"

No, but it would stop illegal aliens who transport the virus. Note: I realize that legal travelers to/from the US can transport the virus as well, but the presence of thousands of illegals makes public health a joke, whereas legal travel is containable.

Also, you can trace people for treatment through legal travel - not illegal. Most worrisome is the potential for exposure to children. Extended family members living in one home is common among illegals with higher rates of minor children in public school systems.

I recall the recent tomato problem and how inept the CDC was. I realize some agency members have written to 0bama for needed changes but filling open positions in this administration is the slowest on record, and he is too busy with the "Sorry About America, Spring Break Tour '09." And today capital hill was all a twitter over global warming and humans releasing CO2 from breathing. You see, if only people weren't on Earth the unicorns would come back. There has to be a way to tax that.

closing the border will not "stop" the virus but it will SLOW the spread. The slower this thing spreads the more time the "free market" and the gov has to ramp up vaciness and antiviral drug production, face masks, improved hygine products etc which means the lower amounts of deaths. So the failure of the federal gov to seal the border will IMO cause more deaths than if they did act swiftly. It is a shame that the dems and the open border people would rather sacrifice Americian lives for their own ideaology. and the lives lost could be in the 100,000's. So will we place the blame where it belongs when/if those deaths occur?

FeFe -- can you document that this administration is the slowest on record in filling positions?

it would be nice if they would meet the public health standards currently practiced by the government in Mexico

So , you blame the USA for the flu
Patients are refused treatment because they are contagious, are not registered or doctors are to busy. They refused to acknowledge the epidemics until the USA notified them. And the samples went to Atlanta

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