He forgot about Hawtrey

Ezra reports, from his commentator Nylund:

Is it just me or do famous economists seem to live a really long time?

Friedman (94)
Mises (92)
John Kenneth Galbraith (98)
Hayek (92)
Leontief (93)

…besides Keynes (or any of the really old school guys like
Ricardo and Say), its rare to find a major economist that didn't make
it well into their 80's.

Samuelson is in his 90s and Ken Arrow is 87.  Buchanan, Tullock, Coase, and Vernon Smith are all still with us and I wonder if Gary Becker might prove immortal.  Frank Ramsey is one obvious exception, as is Miguel Sidrauski.  Fischer Black and Amos Tversky are two more recent exceptions.  Here is a paper on 16 notable economists who died prematurely.


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