I am puzzled by David Henderson’s request

David writes his request:

Same question I asked last time: Do you think that, say, 10 years from now, the regulations will have changed so that, instead of a No-fly list, there will be a May-fly list, so that the government will not allow people to fly unless they're on the list?

I am confused by the question.  Arguably foreigners are the biggest problem for any "No-fly" list.  There are so many of them, and they have so many unusual, overly common, or hard to transliterate names that we will never have a usable "May-fly" list of foreigners.  Just a badly designed "No-fly" list.  Given that is the case, it would be politically very difficult to apply an even tougher "May-fly" standard to U.S. citizens.

So I don't think the nature of the list will change, but perhaps I have not understood David's question.


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