Markets in everything yes this is real


Each time pets move anywhere, from the Pet Lounge to the pet limo or
from the pet limo to the plane, we track and record their progress,
which means you can monitor your pet’s journey every step of the way
online at Pet Airways Pet Tracker.
Our Pet Airways Promise is that your pet will never be left alone. A pet attendant will always be within a cat's meow.

The airline is for pets only and they are called "Pawsengers."  Here are some price comparisons.  Here is something akin to a frequent flyer club.  The crew aside, humans are not even allowed to fly in the cargo hold.  Here is their blog, which includes a clip from FoxNews.  I was convinced this was not real but the brilliant John dePalma, the original source of the reference, sends along this BBC story:

The airline has scheduled its first flight for cats and dogs for 14
July and will serve five US cities – New York, Washington DC, Chicago,
Denver and Los Angeles(…)The flights will be made in 19-seat turbo-prop planes operated by
Suburban Air Freight, which have their seats removed to make space for
the pet carriers.


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