The Dark Side?

Gretchen Rubin interviews Todd Kashdan (of GMU I might add, though I don't know him):

Is there anything you find yourself doing repeatedly that gets in the way of your happiness?
There is a dark side to my desire to become an expert in psychology,
knowledgeable about science and literature, skilled as a parent,
mountain biker, and weightlifter, and attentive as a husband. When I
think I know something, I stop paying attention. It happens far too
often and when it does, opportunities close. I constantly have to
remind myself to let go of my ego, let go of my expectations, and stay
flexible and profoundly aware of what is right in front of my senses.

Here is Todd's new blog.  Here is Todd on the Mayan afterlife.  Here is Gretchen's version of phony advertising markets in everything.

Here is Todd's home page, with Todd's lists.


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