Advertising markets in everything

I wonder if this idea will last:

A new hot dog stand is being built on the West Side, and when it opens, the people behind the counter could be ex-convicts.

As CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports, the restaurant is controversial, not because of the felons, but the two words on the outside of the building.

Felony Franks is Jim Andrews' new hot dog stand, currently under construction on a busy West Side corner, decorated with freshly painted wieners donning prison garb and a ball and chain, proclaiming "food so good it's criminal."

The full story is here and I thank John de Palma for the pointer.


The Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco that is staffed by ex-felons is pretty decent... they're much subtler about it, though!

Dressing up in costumes to hawk a food joint is old-school marketing. New school marketing distills everything down to just two elements: meat and lasers.

felons, ok, but are they buddhists?

In NY the hot dog would have to be dressed up like a Wall street banker to match the "felon" tag.


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