Austrian economics jokes bleg

The Austrians need some good jokes if they're ever going to be taken seriously.

So writes to me one loyal MR reader.  He has a specific and indeed noble reason for wanting these jokes (someday I'll be able to explain but the best jokes will in fact be used publicly).  Although I've been connected to Austrian ideas for a long time, I don't know the jokes.  Nor does Google seem to yield much.

But surely MR readers can deliver in a pinch (Raivo?  Are you there?).  And note that simply listing the name of an Austrian economist you don't like isn't actually that funny.  It should have a punchline something like "I cut off their noses" or "I'm sick and tired of all this bickering about oatmeal," etc.  Puns and limericks are OK too.

I thank you all in advance.


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