I was very taken by this movie, which is much more insightful than the recent The End of Poverty?.  The film is an attempt to pay homage to Evo Morales and his supporters but it actually shows a far bleaker and more Caplanian picture of life on the ground.  It's one of the best movies on poverty, albeit unintentionally in whole or in part.  The two most unforgettable scenes are when the Morales supporters cannot get the calculator to give them an arithmetical answer ("we need a better calculator") and when they discuss how they torture wrongdoers by tying them to a post and letting the ants come and eat them for a while.  The discussions of how coca leaves are actually good for you are classics of political reasoning.  The lighter-skinned elites don't come off looking so good either.  Recommended, if you're into this sort of thing.


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