Cultures of sleep, and which is the “most awake” nation?

There is plenty of talk in the blogosphere on who spends the most time eating, but other takes on the new OECD leisure time study focus on who spends the most time sleeping:

France is the industrialized country where people spend the longest
periods sleeping, according to a series of surveys on social habits
conducted by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation
& Development.

The French sleep a daily average of 530 minutes, compared with 518
for Americans and 469 for Koreans — the OECD's "most awake" nation,
according to the study.

The most sociable OECD nation is considered to be Turkey.  Some of the New Zealand stereotypes are wrong (they don't play so much sport) and:

Young British girls drink the most for their age. Austrian teens smoke the most.

Look under "Risky Behavior" for information on teenage drunkenness but for teenage boys the U.S. has the lowest rate.  Here is a brief summary with a link to the main study.


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