Markets in everything: terrifying yet stupid pieces of furniture


Here are more examples.  How'd you like to scare some little tyke with the froggy thing?  Let me tell you, that is what market economies are for!  And I don't have to thank any loyal reader for the pointer; I found this one all by myself.



And how about this one:

The frog-table is gorgeous. I need one now!

Quite a few years ago, the wood turning community started doing free-form bowls in exotic woods. The bowls would cost from thirty to hundreds of dollars back then.

Last week, I saw a veritable pile of free-form turned bowls in Target at very affordable prices. The only problem was they were mango wood.

As usual the market works for bringing art into your life only if you are a baboon. Meh.

The frog table is adorable

Okay I must admit that I am a little scared because of that frog, table combination.If I would have to put that table in my kitchen I would be terrified.I am looking for some Facelifters models and I don't seem to find anywhere.can you help me?

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