Star Trek, II

The key line is about non-rivalry and non-excludability.  I didn't like that Harold played Sulu or that Bones sounded just like Sawyer.  Young Kirk and Spock were superb.  Sadly, there was no information about the progress of monetary institutions.  Bryan Caplan complained that the implied rate of economic growth was so low.  I've long wondered why there is not more technology transfer to Vulcan.  The soundtrack was poor.  Everything Alex says is true.  The best part was Uhuru but I won't say more on that.


Monetary institutions? I thought the Star Trek universe had somehow evolved beyond money.

Really? I thought the score was great. Think back to that opening battle. They eliminated the sound effects and just went with the score. And then that scene in the aftermath of the incident before the title card appears. I was quite pleased with the score.

The original Star Trek universe obviously had money; see, e.g. "The Trouble With the Tribbles". (which cost 10 credits each)

I liked it, and thought Saldana and Simon Pegg had the best showings, though all were good. I thought John Cho was fine, and what I liked was that his Sulu didn't try to mimic much of the original Takei Sulu.

I almost fell from my seat at the non excludible non rival bit.

Excellent movie.

Uhura, not Uhuru.

The Trekverse supposedly has an "abundance economy" instead of today's "scarcity economy". The use of space resources and energy has made everything inexpensive and plentiful. Instead of work being necessary for basic amenities, everyone does what one wants, to develop their abilities and finer qualities. This projected future appears to be communistic to us, who still live in the scarcity age. But once we get beyond our current need to overcome scarcity and acheive abundance level, then there's enough wealth for everyone and economic equality will be easy to acheive. No revolutions necesssary. Contact with advanced aliens who've already managed this helps us get to that level also. I think this is from what I understand from reading some Gene Roddenberry's ideas somewhere.

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