The patronage of Carlos Slim

This Carlos Slim profile (so far the link is subscriber only), from the June 1 issue of The New Yorker, is fascinating throughout.  Here was my favorite bit:

Slim had already founded several charitable organizations, although he admitted to me: "I don't believe in charities too much…They can make you popular…but you don't solve any problems."  Aside from his art museum, he has created the Telmex Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation, which have rather diffuse mandates.  Through the Telmex Foundation, he has provided a hundred thousand computers to public schools, nearly two hundred thousands scholarships, seventy-eight thousand pairs of eyeglasses, and two hundred thousand bicycles, and has paid for nearly four hundred thousand surgeries; he also supports more than a hundred thousand soccer teams.

And people wonder why he wishes to finance The New York Times.  He says he does read the paper, but only when he's in the USA.


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