“A movie lover’s movie…”

When I see this phrase in an ad, as I did for the new film Bloom Brothers, I respond negatively (although I still will see it).  But exactly why?  After all, I am a movie lover by virtually any objective standard.  Shouldn't I read this description and jump for joy?

But no.

1. Perhaps this description signals pretension and, ultimately, stupidity.  Truly good restaurants don't advertise that they appeal to "gourmets"; rather the relevance of that quality is taken for granted.  See my discussion of counter-signaling in Discover Your Inner Economist.

2. Perhaps it is a sign they have nothing better to say about the movie.

3. Perhaps it is a sign that the movie is full of insider jokes about the movie business.  Movies of that kind do not generally excite me.

4. They are using the phrase because they think it will appeal to relatively large numbers of people.  Perhaps I am slightly insulted, as I feel that my love for movies deserves a more exclusive designation.

Update: I was conned.  The datum provides evidence for #1.


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