ATM machines in everything?

I take this as a signal to go short the metal:

Germans, long attracted to the safety of solid gold, will soon be able to sate their appetite for the yellow metal as easily as buying a chocolate bar after plans were announced yesterday to install gold vending machines in airports and railway stations across the country.

…He hopes to install "Gold to go" machines in 500 locations in German-speaking countries this year.

Here is one imperfect link to an FT article.  This link might work too.  There are, by the way, two other catches:

Gold prices from the machines – about 30 per cent higher than market prices for the cheapest product – will be updated every few minutes.

A camera is installed to monitor possible attempts to launder money by buying gold, Mr Geissler said.

I thank Alex L. for the pointer.  Here is a related article.  It discusses the use of test explosives to make sure that the machines cannot be carted off or ripped open.

Addendum: One more thing: I know this was reported in both the FT and the NYT, but this skeptical blogger still doesn't think it will ever happen or come close to happening.  I believe it is a publicity stunt (or fraud) and that some top reporters were simply tricked.  We'll see.

Second addendum: Here is a video.


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