How many interesting cities are there in Venezuela bleg?

That's a serious question.  I've never been to the country.  I was browsing on Wikipedia and I came across the following description of their second largest city, Maracaibo:

Maracuchos are extremely proud of their city, their culture, and all
of Zulia. They usually claim that Venezuela wouldn't be the country it
actually is without Zulia. Rivalry with inhabitants of other regions is
common, specially with Gochos (people of the Mérida state) and Caraqueños (people of the city of Caracas).

Unfortunately, the city of Maracaibo has no facilities to treat domestic sewage.

Actually for a short visit I don't mind the sewage bit; the lack of sights of interest is more off-putting.  I have loved every part of South America I have visited (and that includes many poor places and indeed most of the continent, short of Paraguay and Venezuela), yet when I read about the cities of Venezuela I cannot muster much enthusiasm for seeing them.  Does Wikipedia simply fall flat on this topic?  Or does some factor make these cities boring?

Yes, I know about Angel Falls and the wood sculptures of Mérida.  But of the major cities of Venezuela, how many of them are interesting to see and visit?  And is there a theory behind your answer?


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