How to disappear

Tips from a teacher (markets in everything):

There are three key steps to disappearing. First, destroy old information about yourself. Call your video store or electricity company and replace your old, correct phone number with a new, invented one. Introduce spelling mistakes into your utility bills. Create a PO Box for your mail. Don’t use your credit cards and the like.

Then, create bogus information to fool private investigators who might be looking for you. Go to one city and apply for an apartment. Rent a car in another one.

The next, final step is the most important one. Move from point A to point B. Create a dummy company to pay your bills. Only use prepaid mobile phones and change them every month. It is nearly impossible to find out where you are unless you make a mistake.

Is that last sentence so reassuring?  What is his success rate?

Usually, I don’t hear back from my clients. It would be too dangerous.

I occasionally wonder that if I had a) a new identity, b) enough money to live on, and c) a willingness to live abroad and no family for them to threaten, how long would it take a team of ten professional hit men to find me.  What would be their optimal strategy of pursuit?

For the pointer I thank Henry Farrell.  Here is Henry's interesting post on the surprising success of smoking bans.

Addendum: Bruce Bartlett refers me to


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